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YogaLife Loves


A scented ambience contributes to the pleasure of practicing yoga at my home studio and encourages deep full breath.

An emporium of heavenly fragrances and therapeutic natural skin care can be found at Verde. All their products are made using fresh and ethically sourced, quality ingredients.

A class favourite Peace Solution which combines
Egyptian coriander, Virginian cedar wood, sweet orange and mandarin in a deliciously evocative fragrance that induces a blissful state of equanimity. Encourages a sense of well-being and peace.

Listening to

I play music during my classes to set the tone and add to the enjoyment of the practice. My current playlist opens with the centering track Sugar Drop 77 - DJ Drez and close with Monsoon Point 

To get us in the flow mid class Walk the Walk - East Forest from the album One River. Find on i Tunes or Spotify


Wearing and their range of great quality, divinely wearable yoga clothes, the bamboo harem pants  are a particular favourite



The Heart of Yoga - Developing a Personal Practice by T.K.V Desikachar If you are interested to learn what yoga is all about this deeply intelligent and down to earth book is for you


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