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Some of the comments from my wonderful students

Energizing, strengthening, stretching, restorative - Julie blends these different elements inventively and seamlessly.

The class subtly infused with the spirit of yoga. Her instructions are always clear and detailed. Her approach attentive and encouraging. Not just an exercise class, but a totally holistic experience. 


Thanks for introducing me to yoga, your instructions were so clear and sensitive and impressively demonstrated. I felt lighter, taller and clearer headed after class. You opened up a whole new way of exercising to me, a great balance to my running and frenetic pace of life.


Julie has created her own special blend of yoga, offering a totally holistic experience. The setting is tranquil, evocative music plays softly in the background, the waft of essential oils... She is constantly researching and refining her own practice which enables her to bring tremendous freshness and originality to every class. No two classes are ever the same, so no room for boredom. Last but not least, she often introduces a philosophical  dimension, nothing too heavy, but food for thought and well being.​


A friend recommended Julie's class and I am so glad she did. This is a really warm, local class where skilful and personal teaching gives confidence to us beginners and stretches those with experience. 


Julie has a wonderful voice and a way of explaining a complete beginner like me can follow, she encourages you ever so calmly to push yourself to do things you may not have known you could do.


Julie is a very supportive teacher, she has a gentle yet commanding presence that allows you to feel comfortable, to trust her, let go and follow her direction.


Julie's classes are brilliant always.  She knows instinctively what is needed together in body, mind and spirit.  I love how she works with the energetics of the seasons.

Ana Williams

I really enjoy your teaching style because it promotes a mindful approach. I find the emphasis you place on being

kind to ourselves and learning about our bodies through the practice very positive and encouraging. I also love the fact that no two classes are ever exactly the same; I feel this demonstrates your own enthusiasm for learning about yoga and it is clear to me that you put much thought behind the way the classes are structured. 


In a small, intimate environment with gentle and encouraging teaching by Julie I have been drawn into the world of yoga developing body and soul. My time spent in class is an excellent escape from a frenetic life.

Book a place now and you won’t be disappointed.

I really look forward to yoga each week, the classes are excellent and are personalised for all levels. They really help to focus my mind.



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