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Private Yoga Sessions - On Zoom 

As a skilled and experienced yoga teacher combined with a background of over 20 years as a personal development coach I am able to help you to develop a practice that deepens your level of self awareness beyond that generally achieved in a class setting.

Private lessons are ideal if you want to: 

•  focus on specific areas of your practice

•  work with particular medical requirements

•  develop a sequence for self practice at home 

•  develop some confidence before joining a class programme

•  help heal or manage an injury 

Private sessions are also great if time is a priority.

Lessons last for an hour and offer an opportunity to tailor the pace, content, focus and dynamic to you. 

An hour long Zoom class costs £40 for up to 2 people 

Please contact me to book a session  ​ tel: 07746849439


Yoga classes @ The Yoga Hub, Hartfield, East Sussex, or at the clients location by arrangement

 Having entered lockdown last March with neck and lower back problems this has been a great way for me to maintain and improve mobility, slowly but surely. I love the one-to-one sessions and despite the 'distance' of Zoom and occasional technical problems, Julie always seems to pick up on the smallest irregularities of my yoga practice along with the many big ones. This is wonderful, nurturing and supportive yoga teaching that's always adaptable according to my needs and mood on the day!



I have been taking private lessons with Julie for 18 months

now after a recommendation by a health professional friend. Julie approaches yoga with genuine balance. Allowances are made for body shape, flexibility and energy level and sessions adapted accordingly.  I have found genuine improvements in

my capacity to pursue a wide variety of poses. These sessions continue to make a significant contribution to my health

and wellbeing.


Taking private classes with Julie has had a significant impact

on my practice. I am more aware of the subtleties

of what we are asking our bodies to do and of healthy anatomical alignment. 



I started private lessons with Julie because I was suffering from back pain. She designed lessons to improve the flexibility of my back, which relieved the pain and I have continued since I enjoy the lessons so much.


A sports injury to my knee meant I couldn't take a regular yoga class whilst my knee was healing.  My private lessons with Julie have been great. Her class is challenging, and I love getting back to yoga. Julie always finds a way to work around my injury and still provide a good work out!  Privately or as a group, Julie is a great teacher.




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