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New Date!


Saturday 30th September 


10.00 - 4.30

 If you are feeling depleted and in need of some personal space to reset your mood, body and mind this one's for you...

What to Expect....

The morning session will be a slow, mindful yoga and somatics practice. You will be encouraged to take  a playful, curious approach  to movement. Discovering freedom and a sense of ease in both body and mind. A largely floor based practice we will slide, glide and roll through small movements building suppleness in the tissues and stability of the joints. Tuning into the forces of gravity and ground and learning to trust the bodies innate intelligence. 

 This session will be suitable for complete beginners and those who are recovering from strain and injury. You will discover new healthy movement patterns as you fine tune your perception of your breath and movement. 

 There will be a short silent walk in the woods after lunch to wake up the senses to the present moment and strengthen the connection to self, others and the environment. 


 Like the sound of that but the date doesn't work for you...

If you have a group of  up to six friends or family that you would dearly love to share some time with do get in touch and we can arrange a date to suit you and your group. 

Costs include Yoga tuition, refreshments with lots of home made cakes and a vegetarian lunch 

For a group of four to six people £110 per head


Two to three people cost  £125 per head

To book an event for your group please email me 

If you would like to extend your stay in this area of outstanding beauty... 

Bed and Breakfast accommodation is available at the Yoga Hub



10.00am - 4.30 pm 

Want to escape city life for a while, find peace in nature and reconnect to your best self?

 What to Expect .....

A morning yoga practice to open your awareness of the breath, a slow mindful session to enhance your connection to your self and the joy of life.

 An afternoon forest bathing session to bring alive the 5 senses and open a dialogue between you and the natural world that  is healing for mind, body and spirit

Waking up the senses, being present to the moment, becoming sensitive to the nature of transition, strengthening a sense of connection to self, others and the environment is central to both the practice of yoga and forest bathing. They combine as powerful tools of stress management. 

Enjoy a day of self-care. The whole day spent in a well-held environment where you can relax and work on your body and mind to  refuel and revitalise 

Viv Personal Development Coach

The transition from yoga to the forest - moving from my mat to the floor of the forest felt seamless. In both places I was in my body, rooted and connected, at peace with the world, and myself. 

Lucy author of Yoga School Dropout and founder of Yogaclicks



Includes two yoga sessions, Seasonal Review, Hints and Tips, lunch and refreshments

Rekindle your relationship with yourself and nature on one of our

seasonal workshops

What to expect....

Every season has its own special energy, with its particular lessons to teach us if only we take the time to pause and listen. This changing quality, inherent in the year's cycle, is reflected in the style of both our yoga practice and menu


The yoga will open up a dialogue between your body and its surroundings - you will be invited to connect to the calm and easy flow of your breath, taking you into a mindful state to self-soothe and nurture. A vegetarian lunch will be prepared with produce that's all locally grown and sourced.

Real food that feeds the body and soul with no fads. 

Tune in with a walk in the heart of the East Sussex countryside. 

Is it for you?

Suitable for beginners and intermediates. If you are curious about the benefits of yoga, want to take better care of yourself, and are looking for some practical workable ideas that you can integrate into your busy life, this is for you.

Not suitable if you are allergic to dogs or cake!!

 Such a great day on Saturday. It was a very enjoyable yoga session and I have really taken away lots of your tips and I am getting so much more out of  'down dog' pose - first time someone has actually taught me how to get into that position properly!
Your food was sooooo delicious - loved it all. 
The da
y felt like a real treat so thanks again and hope to see you again soon

Harriet  yogi

To register your interest contact 

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