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YOGA CLASSES are hosted on the Zoom Platform now and for the foreseeable future. Classes are paid for per month in advance £50. If you are unable to attend a class a recording can be made for you to practice at a more convenient time.  

Tuesday 3.00-4.15 Yoga Class for Strength, Resilience and Immunity 

Class Description

 An all over stretch out getting into all the tight nooks and crannies to release muscle and fascial tension. 

some props maybe helpful a belt, blanket, yoga blocks or bricks (substitute books if you don't have any)


Thursday 6.30-7.30  Yoga Class to Pause, Witness and Restore your Nervous System

Class Description 

With the exhausting, accelerated pace of today’s world, many of us desperately need time to unplug. This class offers a full immersion into the deep relaxation that’s possible with the right combination of props. Learn the key principles of Restorative yoga plus the precise positioning that will give your body the ultimate support. You’ll get a rare opportunity to rest during your waking hours, elevating your mood and mitigating the negative effects of stress.


Props are an essential part of a restorative practice. I recommend a buckwheat bolster from www.Yogaclicks  blankets, an eye pillow or scarf to cover your eyes, bricks and blocks for additional support and comfort. 


Friday 9.30-10.30  Yoga Therapeutics Class Slow and Subtle to create freedom of movement,  in the body where there are restrictions, old injuries

Class Description 

This is a new way of working for me and a playful, curious approach is taken to this slow mindful practice. Chief amongst its benefits is the healing of constricted tissue where there has been strain, injury or dysfunction. You will discover new healthy movement patterns as you fine tune your perception of your breath and movement. A largely floor based practice we will slide, glide and roll through small movements

 Building suppleness in the tissues and stability of the joints for greater freedom of movement.   

The only props you need are a mat and a blanket 

Get in touch if you are interested in joining any of these classes and I can send you the ID and password details. Payment made by BACS









Please contact me to book a class

or call 07746 849439​ to discuss


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