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 I am not naturally flexible! ...

...tight hips, lower back and hamstrings after years of jogging. A friend suggested yoga to prevent injury and from the first class I was hooked. 

My enthusiasm for learning and desire for a career change led me to train with Ruth White and Karuna Yoga.

Since qualifying  I have continued to learn from many inspiring yoga teachers including

Jason Crandell -  taught me clarity of instruction and attention to the importance of correct alignment for a safe practice


Kate Ellis- liberated me from the performance of postures and made me more aware of the process of developing awareness  and a strong mind/body connection 

 Simon Low  - reminds me of the joy in an Holistic practice bringing together as he does Eastern traditions and Western thinking 

 Bo Forbes - opened up the therapeutic application of Yoga for Emotional Balance

John Stirk - my current teacher guiding me in the work of the deep body its intelligence and desire for expression. 


 My teaching style is a testament to all that they have graciously shared with me. 

I am continually being inspired by my students  and I am thankful for their trust and all that they teach me.

​I believe everyone can benefit from the practice of yoga whatever their age, physical condition, and lifestyle.

I aim to make yoga accesible to people at all levels, instilling beginners with confidence and challenging the capabilities of those with more experience. 






In class we focus on awareness of alignment, integrating the mind and the body with the  flow of the breath.

​I encourage students to be curious, explore postures and notice habits. Bodies are different so my instructions are adapted and individualised as I get to know you.

In class you will stretch and have an opportunity to focus, recharge and reflect.
You may find postures challenging from time to time but expect to have a joyful practice.


Yoga can help you make positive changes in your life.


Even an hour of yoga can improve your physiology and posture, shift your awareness, rebalance your perspective, and help you  feel  more open and alive.

 What we learn on the mat we can take into our lives allowing us to flourish and live life to the full


Julie Bickerton



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